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Swan Hill Olives®

Non-Fruiting Olive Trees

Swan Hill Olives® Tree

Swan Hill Olives® trees are ideally suited for residential and commercial landscape applications. Equally appropriate and adapted to landscape themes from classic lawn settings, desert-inspired designs and the very popular Tuscan architectural style. Fruitless and pollenless, Swan Hill Olives® trees bring a lush, shade rich elegance to homes and estates.
Non-fruiting - Icon


The Swan Hill Olives® Tree is a non-fruiting tree discovered near the small town of Swan Hill in Northern Victoria Province, Australia by a UC Davis researcher. The lack of fruit production is desirable in a landscape setting, eliminating mess and maintenance associated with fallen fruit.

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Unlike the Common European Olive, Swan Hill Olives® trees yield little, if any, airborne pollen due to the formation of imperfect flowers. Public health concerns about allergenic pollen led to a ban on the importation and sale of the Common European Olive in Clark County, Nevada, and in Pima and Maricopa Counties of Arizona. Swan Hill Olives® trees are exempt from these ordinances due to its pollenless nature.
Disease Resistant - Icon

Disease Resistant

Verticillium wilt is a devastating disease of many plants caused by the fungus Verticillium albo-atrum. The Common European Olive is very susceptible and, once infected, trees slowly decline and eventually die. We have reduced the risk of this devastating disease by grafting our Swan Hill Olives® trees onto disease-resistant rootstock.
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Drought Tolerant

Once established, Swan Hill Olives® trees are drought-tolerant in the landscape, making them a desirable choice for residential or commercial settings, especially when local or state ordinances require water efficiency in the landscape.
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Thrives in Full Sun
or Partial Shade

Swan Hill Olives® trees thrive in full sun or partial shade, making them excellent candidates for multiple applications. They can also be grown in large containers or planters. 
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Attractive Foliage

Swan Hill Olives® trees have attractive, evergreen foliage that is soft green above with silvery undersides. The leaves are larger, reminiscent of a fruiting olive leaf, and the trees provide much-needed shade in hotter climates.
Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery

Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery

Swan Hill Olives® trees are grown by Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery at our growing ground in Farmington, California. We offer sales of our trees starting in 24” boxes and up to 120” boxed specimen trees. Both standard (single trunk) and multiple trunk trees are available.

Grafted Trees

Swan Hill Olives® trees are grafted onto disease-resistant rootstock, resulting in a non-fruiting, pollenless tree with superior resistance to Verticillium wilt. Suckers growing from beneath the graft location should always be removed to maintain the non-fruiting nature of Swan Hill Olives® trees.

Grafted Olea Europaea Olive Trees

In the Landscape

Swan Hill Olives® trees bring a lush, inviting elegance to traditional landscape designs or more naturalistic, desert-inspired settings. Durable and always low maintenance, the fruitless and pollenless Swan Hill Olives® tree elevates the image of any landscape.

Fruitless Olive Trees For Sale - In the Landscape

Project Gallery

Commercial property Swan Hill Olive Trees


Durable and always low maintenance, the Swan Hill Olives® tree elevates the image of any commercial development.
Fruitless Olive Trees in park


A welcome addition to any landscape where people come to relax, celebrate, unwind or just take a brief, soothing respite from a busy world.

Public Spaces - Multi-Trunk Olive Tree

Public Spaces

Spreading, evergreen canopies bring an extra measure of shade and quiet grace to public gathering places.

Residential Multi-Trunk Olive Tree


Brings a lush, shade rich elegance to homes. Well adapted to turf and desert inspired designs.

Estate Swan Hill Olive Trees


An elegant addition to any estate. Adaptable to landscape themes ranging from classic lawn settings to desert inspired designs, and architectural styles from Tuscan to mid-century modern.

Streets & Medians Swan Hill Olives Tree

Streets & Medians

Softens the urban landscape and acts as an effective sound barrier without compromising traffic sight lines.

Water Features & Pools with Multi-Trunk Fruitless Olive Tree

Water Features & Pools

Right at home near water with its lush, abundant shade and graceful branches. Make your oasis even more luxurious and inviting without fruit dropping into pools or staining hardscape and furnishings, or excess pollen disturbing guests.

Choose Swan Hill Olives® Trees

Choose Swan Hill Olives® trees for your next project. Our trees are suitable for residential designs, commercial landscapes, and municipal projects. Landscape professionals can purchase trees through Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery. Retail customers can purchase Swan Hill Olives® trees for easy home delivery through Landscape Plant Source.