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Our Olive Tree Nursery Story

In 1961, a non-fruiting olive cultivar was discovered near the town of Swan Hill in Northern Victoria Province, Australia, by Dr. Hudson T. Hartmann, Ph.D., a Professor of Pomology on sabbatical from the University of California, Davis.  According to the orchard owner, the tree was at least 30 years old and while it had flowered, no fruit had ever been observed.  Recognizing the value of a non-fruiting olive tree for ornamental horticulture, Dr. Hartmann sent cuttings to UC Davis, where he grafted them onto fruiting olive rootstock and continued to study them.  In 1972, Dr. Hartmann and the University of California’s Office of Technology Transfer applied for and were awarded Federal Plant Patent #3197 for the ‘Swan Hill’ olive variety based on its unique non-fruiting qualities.  Swan Hill Nurseries, LLC purchased propagation rights in 1979 and began growing the trees for commercial landscape production.  When the plant patent expired in 1989, Tom Russell, Ph.D. and Swan Hill Nurseries, LLC applied for and were granted a United States Registered Trademark No. 2,001,332 for the Swan Hill Olives® tree.  The Swan Hill Olives® trademark was acquired by Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery in 2020, and Swan Hill Olives® trees are now produced with great care and pride at their Farmington growing ground in California’s Central Valley.  

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For over 50 years the Swan Hill Olives® tree, grown by Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery, has remained the only recognized, non-fruiting, non-pollinating, Verticillium Wilt resistant, European Olive available in the landscape market.

1961 - Non-fruiting European Olive


Dr. Hudson T. Hartmann, Ph.D. of U.C. Davis discovers a non-fruiting European Olive near the town of Swan Hill, Northern Victoria Province, Australia


Hartmann and U.C. Davis are issued US Plant Patent #3197 for the non-fruiting European Olive variety named ‘Swan Hill’


Tom Russell, Ph.D. purchases propagation rights for the commercial landscape production of Olea europaea ‘Swan Hill’

1979 - Olea Europaea ‘Swan Hill'


Peer-reviewed, scientific journals determine that Olea europaea ‘Swan Hill’ is non-pollinating. Ordinances restricting planting of olive trees exempt Olea europaea ‘Swan Hill’ from prohibitions.


Swan Hill Nurseries, LLC is granted a Federal Trademark for the Swan Hill Olives® tree

2013 - Swan Hill Olives Trees


Swan Hill Nurseries, LLC, to date, has sold over 200,000 Swan Hill Olives® trees for planting in some of the most prestigious landscapes throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas


Swan Hill Nurseries, LLC is acquired by Valley Crest Tree Company, bringing the brand a greater footprint in California


The Swan Hill Olives® trademark is acquired by Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery

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Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery

Located at the base of its namesake Mount Diablo, Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery was established in 1995 to find and procure any plants necessary for customers’ design specifications, and to expand the limited plant and tree palette available to landscape architects, designers, and contractors.  Devil Mountain evolved from solely brokering plants to also growing plants in its quest to meet customer needs and maintain top quality.  The acquisition of BrightView Tree Company in 2020 enhanced Devil Mountain’s availability of quality grown trees and marked the company’s expansion to Southern California.  Today, Devil Mountain serves as a single-source provider for landscape professionals across California from its ten nursery locations. 

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